Sunday, July 29, 2012

Nazi UFO Sketchgroup

Sci Fi, MG42 Machinegun, WW2, Soldier, Nazi, Dark, UFO,.....................................................
I just couldn't resist.

Get well soon KKG!!!


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Nazi UFO sketch

I couldn't really see the reference on-screen, so here's my not-so-Nazi and not-so-UFO contribution :P


Ok we are going to expand this blog to current sketchgroupers in Blizz and to all our friends out there too. You know who you guys are Peet, Oliver, Ian, Paul etc. This weeks theme is a tribute to Kevin K Griffith. He is going Germany to harness the new german ufo technology. When he comes back he will no longer be K2G but upgraded to version 3.0: K3G!

Well the topic this time around is based on the  movie Iron Sky:
So create your version of German space tech based on the movie. You can do footsoldiers,spacetanks,halfmechanical Generals. The skys the limit. Have fun with it. Kevin will be keeping an eye out for all our post while in Germany. His one wish was to keep sketchgroup alive and revive BonusCamel. Well ok that's two. Im thinking we can make this one a two week challenge. Lets see those posts people.